First Things First…

If you had asked me a year ago, I would’ve never imagined myself being a married women one year later. DJ and I were still just dating and marriage seemed like a far off dream. Now, a little over a month after our wedding, it seems like a year since we got married. Funny how time works.

I always dreamed of what marriage would be like when it finally happened. From the time I was little it seemed like being married was the best thing in the world. You would always be with that special someone, all day every day. Weekends would be spent getting to go out all the time to baseball games, fashion shows and movies. He would help me clean dishes after I cooked the meals (which is weird that I would think about since I had only cooked maybe THREE times ever.)  And the house would always be clean!

And then real marriage happened.

He’s a nurse who works on weekends, so I spend the weekends alone, cleaning, binge watching TV shows and reading. Finances say there’s not enough funds to always be going to baseball games, fashion shows or movies (unless they are at the dollar theater.) In fact, DJ doesn’t even like baseball. I surprisingly enjoy learning to cook, but I also do the dishes as I cook and he studies. And, of course, the house is NOT always clean.

For the first couple of weeks, these realizations of what a real marriage is was a hard wake-up call for me. I am 29 and have been single my whole life; now I have to share everything with someone.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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We may have opposite schedules. Our funds may cause us to be frugal for now. I still have a lot to learn about cooking. But it’s all an adventure!

That is why I am sharing all this. It’s my personal journey of marriage. I want to remember the things we’ve done to keep our marriage interesting and fun. I want to remember the Pinterest meals I’ve tested and mastered (or failed if I’m being completely honest.) Someday I want our story to be an encouragement to other married couples.

But for now, it’s more for me learn about being a Godly wife, and for your entertainment if you follow along.



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